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6 great new releases – 6 short reviews.
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The Margaret Hooligans – Feedback
(03:55, Single, Digital, selfrelease, 09/09/2022)
Pennsylvanian Garage Punk duo is hitting the home stretch to the release of their „Turntable Tribulations“ which will be out on October 21st. The song ‚Feedback‘ is the sixth and last ex ante single off this album, and similar to previous single release ‚Fat Tongue‚ it concerns opinions. Several stops of the promotional phase of The Margaret Hooligans‘ album have been featured on MangoWave by the way – click here to read more if you like.
A thick wall of distorted electric ukulele and a tornado of hammers rage across the soundscape as they create a heavily fuzzy and dusty atmosphere. In the eye of this storm, Mr Strontium and Meg Cratty stand, successfully blocking off any annoying feedback and all unnecessarily uttered opinions. And just like that, the duo reminds us of what an arsehole and an opinion have in common: every has one, and yet you do not have to present them everywhere.

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Tim Rinker – Demo(n)s.eins
(17:16, EP, Tape/Digital, 30 Kilo Fieber Records, 22/07/2022)
Although released in Summer, Tim Rinker’s EP is a perfect fit for long autumn evenings and cold winter nights. The singer and songwriter from German city Cologne creates a gloomy and melancholic atmosphere which he then fills with passionate and emotional thoughts on life, death and mourning. Joyful memories and a cumbersome forward between pain and hope are the realm where Tim Rinker’s music unfolds. Sweet melodies and heavy melancholy make this EP taste like a glass of good red wine by candlelight while a storm rages outside.

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EgoTherapie – Balloon Kid
(29:43, Album, Digital, selfrelease, 04/09/2022)
Nuremberg’s singer and songwriter EgoTherapie has released a new album on which the Franconian artist invites his audience to join him on a hot air balloon ride. In the beginning it may appear that „Balloon Kid“ is an uncommonly straight Folk album by EgoTherapie, but after the folky ‚Where to begin‘ and the Blues ballad ‚Ballon Kid‘, the song ‚Pop it, Mary!‘ is a rocket start into progressive and innovative tunes. On his new album, EgoTherapie once more proves his genre-bending skills while he utters thoughts on humankind as in ‚Ants‘ or provides pure entertainment like in ‚Lovesong for your Dad‘. If you love Punk, Prog, Folk, Blues, Death Metal and breaking taboos, this is your go-to album.

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Greber – Fright Without
(28:55, Album, Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital, Ancient Temple/Nofuneral/Hibernation/7 Degrees/Fresh Outbreak, 09/09/2022)
Doom Metal and Grindcore are often regarded to be opposite poles of the same dark planet. Thus, jokes as „Came 15 minutes late to a Grindcore concert and missed two bands – came 15 minutes late to a Doom Metal concert and the band was still on the first note“ are no rarity. But between any two opposite poles there is a planet’s core, and this is where it gets extremely hot. Canadian band Greber and their music are from this region where nuclear fusion is daily business.
The band’s fourth album „Fright Without“ is a constantly exploding fire storm of doom and destruction. The eschatologic heaviness of Sludge Doom melts in the savage brachiality of Crust and Grind. The result is a merciless volcano that feeds itself with lava hot enough to set the whole universe on fire.

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Scream of the Butterfly – The Grand Stadium
(34:40, Album, Vinyl/CD/Digital, Red Revolver Records, 09/09/2022)
Welcome to the great show where butterflies scream so loud you have to protect our ears, where merry-go-rounds sink and drown, and where the ‚Hallway of a Thousand Eyes‘ is only one of many thrilling attractions. This is „The Great Stadium“, the third longplayer by Berlin’s Heavy Rock quartet Scream of the Butterfly. The German band creates a joyful playground on which 1970s organ-driven Hard Rock and 1990s Grunge and Alternative Rock clash in a steaming explosion of fuzz and colours.
If you love Silvershark, Moving Oos or The Kendolls, this album will bring joy and instant movement to your whole body – these are 34 minutes of party and entertainment.

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Universe in my Yard – Lost Redemption
(05:08, Single, Digital, Sulphur Recordings, 09/09/2022)
This merciless Djentcore wrecking ball was originally featured on UimY’s Demo from 2011. Now, with a new line-up the band from Bologna has decided to give this heavy banger a fresh paint job. Brutal growls resound in a spiky soundscape of brachial Metalcore breakdowns and sonorous but razor sharp Djent attacks. And after all, Universe in my Yard’s ‚Lost Redemption‘ is a massively atmospheric tune.
UimY are back stronger than ever before. The Italian quintet is here to turn moshpits into earthquakes.

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