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Havok – Rorschach
Release Date: September 09, 2022
Label: selfrelease
Format: Digital
Duration: 52:02
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Origin: Sweden

A slow but consistent duo (including Stygian Tomb’s drummer) has finally blessed us with a new release. The last full-length from the Swedish colossus Havok was released nine years ago – and as massive as Statues of Sisyphus was, the new album manages to develop the band’s progressive vector even further.

Rorschach distants itself a bit more from the signature Gothenburg sound and dives deeper into the experimental landscape. The album begins with a clear Grammy nominee pop metal sound, however, it is quickly replaced with downtuned chugging riffs, weird time signatures, and intense blasting worthy of early Dark Tranquility. The band’s ability to juggle riffs from absolutely different genres while keeping it catchy and organic is quite remarkable.

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I am talking about various vocal techniques from clean singing to Dani Filth’s shrieking, an occasional breakdown or two, and tons of unpredictable solos. All this is done with zero rush and affects the songs’ length – as long as nine minutes sometimes – still keeping them interesting and balanced.

The same is fair to say about the lyrics. They are as deep and personal as they are structured and vivid, and Havok isn’t shy to be generous with their use of words – there is a lot to read and immerse into.

I’d say it’s cool to take as much time as the band needs – if the outcome is as impressive and polished as Rorschach is.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

Picture Credit: Johan Cronqvist

Havok Online:

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