In this series we look back into the year 2013 by reviewing an album from this year every other week.

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Horror for the Charts

Earlier in the second decade of the third millenium, LA’s Hopsin had his breakthrough. Oddly enough, it was the time when Gangsta Rap, Horrorcore or related genres were losing popularity, when Hopsin’s heavy flow on rough beats became successful. Neglecting trends such as Trap, Cloud Rap or Mumble Rap, Hopsin came in with harsh battle verses and nasty lyrics. His third album Knock Madness marks the time when Hopsin has not only made it to fame but also manifested his position among the big players of Hip Hop.

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Straight Bangers and three Blackouts

Knock Madness is aggressive, harsh and savage. Hopsin provides the audience with battle rap without remorse or compromise. Beats, vocals and arrangements are dark and heavy, and they remind of two golden eras of rap music: the funky origins of the 1970s, and the hightime of Gansta Rap around Y2K. And just like that, this could have been the ideal Rap album if there were not three post-breakup songs. Dream Forever, I still got Love for You and Good Guys Get Left Behind are intially extremely cringy. But furthermore, the latter of the two even has the potential to be an incel anthem. Besides those two unpleasant tracks, Knock Madness is a powerful display of lyrical and musical skills. Machine gun double time meets laidback and massive beats.

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