It Was A Good Dream – Drawing Your Recurve
Release Date: November 18, 2022
Label: Birdlab Records / dunk!records
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 05:35
Genre: Post Rock / Ambient
Origin: Boston, MA, USA

From Recollection to Rememory

Instrumental Post Rock band It Was A Good Dream was formed in 2018 by Alex Glover and Chris Anthony in Boston, Massachusetts. The New England-based duo has collaborated before IWAGD was founded, but this time it was something very special. The new project quickly became a solid instance and a sure-fire success for the two musicians. Thus, it dit not take long, and It Was A Good Dream’s debut album „Help me to Recollect“ was pressed on vinyl and released via dunk!records in May 2019. Eleven months later, at the brink of the Coronacene, Anthony and Glover re-worked the album track ‚Falling / Running / Mute‘ and released the new version as the standalone single ‚Descend / Suppress / Sustain‚. It was after the single was out that silence befell the world around It Was A Good Dream – a silence that has now been broken.

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Strength lies in Calmness

With the single on hand – the five-and-a-half minute meditation ‚Drawing Your Recurve‘ – It Was A Good Dream present the first foretaste of their upcoming sophomore album „Rememory“. The longplayer will be out in 2023 via dunk!records.

‚Drawing your Recurve‘ begins with gentle and soft Ambient themes that resemble a calm lake in a limestone cave ever and anon disrupted by the dripping water from the stalactites. Gradually and comfortably smoothly, the soundscape’s tension increases as more guitar tracks enter the scene. The sonic waves rise higher and higher without becoming overwhelming or losing their meditative character. Instead, the listeners are carried forward on a rising tide that keeps its gentle style.

Half time through the track, the electrifying Ambient motif marks the tension’s climax before it discharges in a massive Post Rock hymn which defines large parts of the second half. As the tide calms down again, the meditative nature of this mesmerizing sonic journey finds its pleasureful ending.
7/10 Mangoes

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