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Morrison Reed – Electrify

March 03, 2023
Single | Digital
Electro Punk / Psychedelic Noise

Fang it! Records
Sydney, Australia

Back with High Voltage

Lately, it was quiet around Sydney’s Morrison Reed. The latest releases were the album Spirit Haus the single Old Shady Motel back in late 2021. But now, sixteen months later, the experimental artist with a penchant for psychedelic sounds provides a literally electrifying comeback. The new single Electrify is a sonic lightning bolt that is here to break down barricades and blockages, and to illuminate even the darkest chambers.

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Here comes the Power

Steamed noises and a Post Punk-ish bass line mark the beginning of Electrify until the synthesizer comes in like sunlight through a door suddenly ripped open. A psychedelic but glitchy theme spreads comforting warmth while the activating rhythms meet somewhere between Punk Rock and Techno – you cannot stand still to this sound. On top of this empowering tune, Morrison Reed’s vocals emphasize the song’s motivating character even more, and thus Electrify is an ideal tune for your alarm clock and for starting a great day. Morrison Reed is hence back with a powerful banger and a refined sound.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Morrison Reed

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