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Emmi Maaria – Why would we Girls be sad

March 08, 2023Independent
Single | Digital02:59
Indie FolkLondon, England

Kalevala Revisited

Emmi Maaria is a London-based Finnish singer and songwriter. The artist whose main instrument is the viola has released a new single on International Women’s Day this year. Emmi Maaria’s music is inspired by poems, tales and folklore, as you can see in the song I am the Whisper of Blood which was based on the poem Vierge Moderne (Modern Virgin) by Edith Södergran. Her latest release, the single on hand Why would we Girls be sad actually refers to two poems. Both of them, Mitä me tytöt suremma (Why would we Girls be sad) and Mitä te pojat suretta (Why would you Boys be sad) can be found in the Finnish poem collection called Kantetelar. If you are interested in reading more about that compendium of Finnish poetry first published in 1840, you will find information on the Wikipedia article.

The poems who were originally performed by rune singers in East Finnish region Karelia are written in a trochaic tetrametre. In Finland, and in Karelia especially, this metre is referred to as Kalevala.

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Karjalan Shake

A rhythm that may sound odd or unfamiliar to many listeners at first, Emmi Maaria sings the original lyrics as they were once written down by Elias Lönnrot. That means – unlike the English title of the song – Why would we Girls be sad is performed in an old version of Finnish and Karelian. Between the heavily stomping beats and the infatuating vocals, Emmi Maaria has integrated a thrilling composition that combines traditional Northern European Folk with contemporary electronic music. One may be reminded of Tanxugueiras and their modern approach to Galician Folk.

Why would we Girls be sad is a song about young women and girls who stick together in unpleasant times, help each other and hope for a better year to come. It is thus a song about female empowerment and solidarity, and the way it is performed it has become a stomping anthem to break ice sheets to.
9/10 Mangoes

Photo Credit: Maija Vaara
Why would we Girls be sad was produced an mixed by Emmi Maaria
Master: Metropolis Studios

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