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Empty Machines – Luna

June 30, 2023TUSK
Single | Digital02:54
Post Rock / Ambient NoiseGlasgow, Scotland

Into the Wide Open

The single Luna is the first sign of life by Scotland’s Jodie Helena and Thomas Crawford. Together, the duo Glasgow-based duo call themselves Empty Machines, and with the end of the current year’s first quarter, they have launched off. A rocket start may not per se be the ideal description of the song Luna, yet comparing the soundscape to a journey at zero gravity fits very well. And thus, accompanied by a stunning video, here is Empty Machines‚ ode to the moon. This is Luna:

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Austerity and Insight

The beginning of Luna feels like waking up from inertia by jumping into ice cold water. Although the listeners get thrown into the short narrative in medias res and thus have no clue what could have been before, the song’s beginning is defined by crystal clear sight. Empty Machines create an image of a voyage to a moon, in which the protagonist and its target seem to exchange deep desires and longings. Monolithic Post Rock riffs grind on an atmospheric sonic background made from Noise and Ambient. This zero-gravity-journey is guided by the ethereal vocals of Jodie Helena while Thomas Crawford is pushing the buttons in the engine room.

To be continued

After 174 seconds, the sonic trip has reached its ending – so far. Luna ends as openly as it was introduced and thus it leaves plent of room for speculation and mind game. How does the journey continue? What is the connection between the protagonist’s mind and the moon? What is coming next? In any case one can be very excited since Empty Machines have hereby presented an oustanding debut, and an amazing Post Rock track.
8/10 Mangoes

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