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Mike and Mandy – Caught the Bug

Single | 23/10/2023 | Independent
3:32 | Digital
Anti Pop / New Wave
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Of Narcicisstic Leaders

In their second single following their debut EP Shelter in Place, Mike and Mandy deal with actions and movements we can all get lured into. By telling the allegorical tale of a woman who falls into the trap of a toxic relationship, they draw parallels to the dangers of narcissistic behaviour in general. In a cinematic way, Caught the Bug opens the portal to a huge discourse about how we deal with information, language, and power. The manipulative partner in the song can thus stand for a bully who gathers a mob around themselves to gain power and influence, and we all know that those bullies can also become influential people; law-enforcers, judges, presidents, …

Mike and Mandy’s musical realisation of this cinematic tale is as artistic as its lyrical base. On their bandcamp page you can read that Mike and Mandy consider genres to be cages, and the track Caught the Bug is proof that those two artists have found their way past the bars. You may find elements that can be located in categories such as Alternative Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Post Punk, New Wave, etc. But in the end, Mike and Mandy have successfully dissected and re-arranged their sound, and the result is stunning.

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