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tics – Flash Language

Album | 02/02/2024 | tomatenplatten
33:23 | 10 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Indie Rock / Post Punk
Cologne, Germany

Dissolving the Blur

In the recent years, we have experienced a massive increase of the significance of insignificance. The post-modernist discourse has successfully deconstructed several hegemonic traits and definitions. While the conservative forces are still trying to fight back, another issue has emerged. There is a gigantic gap when it comes to clarity. Everything is everywhere and every time, and it is easy to get lost in that blurry void. Fortunately, there is a band that presents their vision of a new certainty, a new discourse, and a new language. Opn up your ears, hearts and minds for Cologne’s tics and their new album Flash Language.

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Re-Thinking and Re-Building

The linguist term Flash Language refers to a modificated speech that cannot exist without its origin. And that is exactly what the quartet from Cologne does on their new album. Music-wise, the ten tracks are built on a solid foundation made from decade-long experience in the fields of Shoegaze, Post Punk, Indie Rock, or Post Rock. And like many other bands, tics undertake a certain re-thinking and re-building of these sounds by decontructing them. But the next step is where tics stick out of the masses. Instead of polishing the rubbles of their deconstruction, they put the pieces back together in a new way. The result is an Indie and Post Punk sound that may appear familiar but is yet full of surprises. Take the change of tempo in Snag Tree Marching Song or the way Dagger evolves into a dark disco banger, and you will realise that tics are here to add some fresh wind to the Indie scene.
7/10 Mangoes


Michael Sobott – guitar, vocals
Claudius Garten – guitar, vocals, synthesizer
Jens Schmidt – drums
Luis Müller-Wallraff – bass, synthesizer


Lennart Meine – percussions
Lothar Burghaus – saxophone


Recorded at Bearcave Studio, Cologne
Produced by Olaf Opal
Mastered by Dennis Kern at Studio Wong

Artwork by Tim Green
Lyrics of Interwoven by Henning Halstenberg

Promo material by courtesy of tomatenplatten

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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