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Mouse Man – Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.)

November 27, 2021
Single | Digital

02:30 | 1 track
Garage Rock / Punk Rock
Paris, France


France is well-known for several things. There is the cuisine that is so delicate and fine, people around the globe lick their finger for it. Then, there is the language that belongs to one of the most beautiful tongues of Europe. We can go on talking about philosophy, music, literatures and more, but the crucial point here is the French protest culture. Guillotine and burning streets have accompanied the French from the great revolution of 1789 over several upheavals until present day. And looking on protest actions, manifestations as they are called there, from outside, one might get the impression that the French are extremely violent. It has thus been found out that the police has undertaken targeted infiltrations and provoked vioent activities which then were used for the justification of brutal interventions. French artist Emiliano, also known as Mouse Man, has written and recorded a song about this practice: here is Rage In Ordered Turmoil (R.I.O.T.).

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Although pretty catchy and minimalist, Rage in Order Turmoil (R.I.O.T.) contains several alterations and accentuations of the main riff. Thus, the shot song appears very versatile. From the introductory wave that rolls in and breaks into a heavy riff over the clean 77 Punk-style verse theme to the massively distorted chorus, this song is an pure killer. The vocals may be a little muffled, but everyone can sing a long to the chorus, and after all the song spreads a motivating and energizing vibe. Are you ready to stand up for your right? This tune will help you get up from the couch.
9/10 Mangoes

Picture Credit: Mouse Man

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