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Tyler Kamen – Bamboozle Tesseract

May 05, 2023Kamen Entertainment Group
Album | Digital39:54 | 15 tracks
Psychedelic Folk / Psychedelic ProgNew York, NY, USA

An experiment gone wrong

There are predominantly two things that need to be known about New York’s multiisntrumentalist Tyler Kamen. Firstly, the musician who is one half of TYDY is restless, and has released fifteen albums since 2017. And secondly, all Tyler Kamen releases are set in a fantastic universe. Here, unbelievable tales of fascinating beauty and full of adventure take place. The latest example for Tyler Kamen’s musical story-telling is the album on hand, the fifteen-track longplayer Bamboozle Tesseract:

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Once upon a Time there was a Village…

… and that village was called Gnome Village. The inhabitants of this place saw their crops and gardens being raided by bugs and thus their only hope was the mysterious artichoke. That is the story told on Artichoke Pythagorum. Bamboozle Tesseract is set at the same place but two hundred years later. Gnome Village has grown to metropolitan Gnome City and has struggled with food shortage. Good thing there is science in this fantastic wonderland, and after some research the solution for all food problems has been found: the Bamboozle Tesseract. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong and instead of super vegetables, the Bamboozle Tesseract has created mutants which raise hell in Gnome City. The gnomes form a resistance led by Detective Sheriff but it seems as if the mutants are superior in number.

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The Saga Continues

Bamboozle Tesseract is the second part of the gnome trilogy which will probably be concluded by its final part in late 2023. Besides all of the excitement that comes with the content and the little cineastic parts in Bamboozle Tesseract, one shall not forget to focus on the music. And here, one can say without hesitation that Tyler Kamen has once more surpassed his previous works. After The Cassowary Manifesto was his first really great solo album in 2021, the artist from New York has constantly improved and thus, Bamboozle Tesseract is once more the greatest album by Tyler Kamen so far. May this development never end, and may every new release bring thrill and excitement.
9/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Tyler Kamen

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