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Papa Roach – Getting Away With Murder

Album | 31/08/2004 | Geffen Records
38:01 | 12 tracks | CD/Cassette/Digital
Hard Rock / Alternative Metal
Vacaville, CA, USA

Goodbye DreamWorks, Goodbye Nu Metal

Twenty-one years after Papa Roach were formed in Californian Vacaville, seven years after the release of their first album Old Friends From Young Years, and four years after they had their biggest hits Last Resort and Broken Home, change knocked at the doors of Papa Roach. DreamWorks Records, where the band’s second and third longplayers were published, was no more, and later Papa Roach signed to David Geffen’s Geffen Records. But that was not all. Papa Roach, and their lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix especially wanted to develop the band’s sound. Predominantly, Shaddix gave up on rap vocals which initiated a shift from Nu Metal towards Hard Rock.

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Gradually Introducing New Facets

The way, Papa Roach present their new sound to the audience is quite gentle While the opener Blood (Empty Promises) still reminds of the Infest or LoveHateTragedy phase pretty much, Not Listening already leads the way to the new sound pretty firmly. Some kind of Sum 41 meets Foo Fighters at a Hardcore sonic experience combines melodic passages, heavy outbursts, and massive grooves. But when listening to Getting Away With Murder, it is easier to define what is missing in the soundscape: sustainability, entertainment, autonomy. Getting Away With Murder is a highly mediocre album that lacks highlights or memorable moments.
4/10 Mangoes

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