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So long, PigBags!

Being a selftitled album, the longplayer presented here may raise the assumption of being a debut release. Instead, it is as much of the opposite as it can be. PigBag is actually sort of a compilation which contains seven live recordings and a remixed version of the song Jump the Line. Furthermore, it was compiled after the band split up, and thirdly, it is widely regarded to be a financial bailout for Y Records instead of a release for the sake of the music. The music business is a dirty field when it comes to money, so let us rather focus on the sunny side: the music.

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Proto Electronica Post Punk Clash (and Disco Funk)

PigBag were maybe a bit too good to exist for a long time. With a line-up of eight to eleven musicians, each of them virtuous experts on their instruments, they created a legit melting pot of sounds. From Disco and Funk over Leftfield and Electronica up to the realms of Post Punk, they distributed pure magic. It is the sound of post-colonial Britain with its different musical influences from the Caribbean, the African continent, the East Indies, and of course the motherland that came together here. And thus, the short but vibrant history of PigBag feels like an intense dream of unity and a collective energy.

PigBag as an album or a compilation is a release that demands close listening. When focused on the thorough work of the artists, one can enjoy the elaborate placement of each drum beat, bassline, scat or lick. Thus, despite its dubious genesis, PigBag is a beautiful collection of songs. And it is a broadly applicable release, too, as it fits long rides, work sessions or parties equally.

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