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PrYmary Colours – I’m here now
Release Date: October 21, 2022
Label: Independent
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 03:44
Genre: Synth Pop / Italo Disco
Origin: County Wicklow, Ireland

Irish duo PrYmary Colours has the ideal recipe for creating high class entertainment. Consisting of a DJ and a vocalist/mastress of ceremony, the musicians from County Wicklow has brought joy and ecstasy to giant crowds in New York, Dublin, and on other great stages. Their live shows are a special event as PrYmary Colours have their vibrant sounds emphasized by hula hoopers and dancers, colourful confetti, costumes and bubbles, and by mindblowing visuals and effects. Nevertheless, the music alone is stunning, too. PrYmary Colours‚ latest single release „I’m here now“ is yet another great example of how the duo creates mindblowing soundscapes that come with meaningful content.

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„I came, I conquered“

For vocalist Cayisha, „I’m here now“ is a very personal track, since she tells her own story in this song. Being born in England and having grown up in Ireland, Cayisha tells of the pressure, discrimination and hate that she experienced. As a Woman of Colour of Jamaican origin, the artist got confronted with misogyny, xenophobia, racism, intersectional marginalization. But this is not a sob story, it is the tale of a survivor, of a successor instead. Fighting her way through the everyday life coined by ostracism, Cayisha became stronger and stronger, and now she is „a queen, a goddess“.

Now she is here to tell her story to spend courage and solace to those who also suffer from oppression and exclusion. But even more importantly, the privileged can learn from this story. They can help create a future in which empathy comes before greed. This is for a world in which we take each others hands, and thereby build a network of love, stronger than any kind of hate.

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Revolution is a Dance

This important and massively empowering message is presented in an extremely catchy sonic package. PrYmary Colours take their listeners back to the glorious days of Synth Pop and Disco. On a dynamic late 1980s  sound several layers of sharp synthesizer sounds shoot above an activating bass-laden Disco floor. Close your eyes and you can feel the colours of the sound. On top of this motivational soundscape, vocalist Cayisha speaks with a sober and strong voice, capturing the audience. At the end of each verse, the song’s structure climaxes in the overwhelming chant „I’m here now!“.

„Choose Love“

From the driving New Wave drums to the boppily sparkling Synth Pop sounds to the sonorously dynamic Italo Disco bass, this is a pure banger. And from the personal story of vocalist Cayisha to the magical sonic realization of the same, this is a massive wake-up call. PrYmary Colours‚ „I’m here now“ is a wholesome and powerful manifesto that goes far beyond the dancefloor. 10/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of PrYmary Colours and Colm Slattery

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