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Magdalia – Tunnel Vision

April 14, 2023MagdaliaMusic
Single | Digital03:48
Dark Pop / SoulMelbourne, Australia

Whiz Kid Magdalia

Melbourne’s Magdalia is experiencing a real hype, and there are good reasons for this happening. The Victorian artist’s first single of the current year Great Expectations was a huge success in the Australian Atomic Music Charts, and it furthermore received plenty of positive feedback. Since then, Magdalia has already released two new singles: the latest output Noreen was published on May 14. Nevertheless, we are today focusing on the previously released single Tunnel Vision.

It’s about Balance

Tunnel Vision is about an imbalanced relationship. The song deals with a situation that many listeners can probably relate with. Magdalia tells of a friendship or relationship in which one person keeps on taking until there is nothing left to take. Running away from this emptiness they seek new sources for unconditional offers elsewhere. This story is told from the first pirst point of view of the giver, the one whose frustration about the imbalance leads towards leaving this relationship.

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Soul of Darkness

In the musical representation of this phenomenon, Magdalia creates an alloy dark and cold Synth Pop on the one hand and voluminous Soul vocals on the other hand. Lyrics that come straight from a disappointed heart, from a soul speak of newfound confidence. They are enshrouded by an atmospheric synthetic soundscape that tells of bitterness and frustration. Thus, Tunnel Vision is the perfect song to prepare for a confrontation with.
8/10 Mangoes

Tunnel Vision was written by Magdalia in cooperation with Elizabeth Drummond and Jarred Young at Cardinia Music
Cover artwork by courtesy of Magdalia

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