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Proklaim – Around

April 13, 2023Pen Pushaz Entertainment
Single | Digital03:00
Rap / Hip HopWindhoek, Namibia

He got another one

Yebo, the first series of releases by Windhoek’s Proklaim has been finalised by the third track Around. As an ending of the trilogy, there could not have been a better choice than Around as it is the most colourful, most passionate and most motivating track by Proklaim in 2023 so far. Thus, after Somebody and Valley, Around is the song that encourages the listeners to listen to their inner voice, to follow their heart’s desire, and to let their intuition lead the way towards a better future.

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Choose to follow your Heart

A beat that sounds like a dissected Soul song paired with Afrobeat drumming provides movement and comfort at the same time. On top of this atmospheric and clear soundscape, Proklaim’s lyrics are full of wisdom, life experience and good advice. Telling his listeners that they have a choice in life, that their hearts‘ intuition will work for their purpose, and that a clear mind is an important foundation for making goo decisions, Proklaim reaches out his lyrical hand to the listeners. Elaborately, the vocals dance across the dynamic beat and thereby go directly from the eardrums to the hearts of the audience.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Proklaim

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