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Shakkalo – grey sky, grey hair

(Single | 21/12/2022 | Cachalot Records)
On melancholic Celtic Folk, French-Polish artist Shakkalo present dark but warming sounds. The release „grey sky, grey hair“ is a two-track single that features two thoughtful ballads. First, ‚Wolfskin‘ is a cinematic Folk tune that addresses the abuse of animals, and the B-Side is an Ambient Folk track in honour of a deceased relative.
8/10 Mangoes

Ted & Alice Miller – Pretty Vacant

(Single | 21/01/2023 | Independent)
Without doubt, ‚Pretty Vacant‘ was one of the greatest songs ever performed by The Sex Pistols, but when Johnny Rotten sang „and we don’t care“ it sounded only partially credible. Almost half a century later that problem has been solved by Ted & Alice Miller from St. Helena, Nebraska since when Ted sings that phrase, you can really feel it. The duo’s first cover version is way more than just a revival of the Pistols classic.
7/10 Mangoes

Hanım Palet Project – Leaves of the Olive Tree

(Single | 30/05/2022 | Independent)
Evangelia Chaldæaki and Vasiliki Palla together form Hanım Palet Project. The two vocalists from Greece revive traditional songs and reinterpret them in a timeless way. The tale of the olive tree’s leaves is a traditional song from Skyros telling of unconditional love and of patience.
6/10 Mangoes

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Sebastian Döbbelin – Invitations

(EP | 10/01/2023 | Independent)
Spaniash-based German expat Sebastian Döbbelin effortlessly creates laidback and comforting soundscapes. His latest release is the five-track EP „Invitations“, an instrumental collection of Psychedelic Folk tunes. Close your eyes and feel the coastal waves stream from the loud speakers.
7/10 Mangoes

Pierre Lecarpentier – Yesterday’s Melodies

(Album | 15/01/2023 | Independent)
Although social media profiles, press kits and further sources claim that Pierre Lecarpentier was from French capital Paris, he might as well be a visitor who travelled through time or who came here from outter space. Nevertheless, Lecarpentier has produced this 64-minute album that proves both theses. You may call this Prog, Folk, Pop or Rock, and you will always be right about this timeless release.
6/10 Mangoes

Ptolemea – Balanced Darkness

(Album | 20/01/2023 | Independent)
It is a human trait to seek balance, and thus light needs dark, warmth needs cold, or movement needs standstill. Luxembourg’s Ptolemea present a forty-minute display of „Balanced Darkness“ – a massive Pagan and Dark Folk epos to bring entropy to the four elements. And from beginning to end, it is a flawless success since this album is absolutely stunning.
9/10 Mangoes

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