Six very short reviews.

Olēka – Driftwood

(EP | 09/05/2022 | WormholeDeath Records)
Aaron and Byron play Melodic Death Metal the brutal way. Influenced by Groove Metal and Technical Death Metal, the duo from British Columbia manages to implement melody to Death Metal without sounding pathetic. This raw and entertaining EP is a powerful debut that will hopefully be followed by further releases.
6/10 Mangoes

Alienatör – Regrets

(Album | 25/11/2022 | Independent)
Alienatör do not beat about the bush and instead seize the zeitgeist by the sensitive parts. Driven by a savage mix of Sludge, Hardcore Punk and early Black Sabbath, the Thunder Bay-based trio shoots massive blows against the darkness that defines life on Earth these days. This is the moshpit to grind down the Flat Earth Society to.
8/10 Mangoes

Summer Home – Summer Home

(Album | 12/08/2022 | sweatercuff records)
The debut album by Banff’s Indie Rock trio Summer Home invites the listeners to a sonic world of sweet melancholia and sepia happiness. Thick Shoegaze mists are interrupted by upbeat Power Pop beats and bittersweet harmonies. Indie Rock for the dreamers and the lovers.
6/10 Mangoes

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Campfire Sigh – Different Peninsulas

(Album | 16/09/2022 | Lucid Rhyme Records)
The third album by Winnipeg’s Campfire Sigh eventually makes the listener ask „Why aren’t those guys way more famous?“. Being acquainted with Folk, Psych, Prog, Blues, Funk and more is one thing, combining these styles is another one. But creatig such an impressively versatile and yet coherent album is a piece of art!
9/10 Mangoes

d4re – Promise

(Album | 01/12/2022 | yakmajid)
„Promise“ by Moncton’s d4re is a fourteen-piece coherent story. It is a collection of tales that tell of love and affection, of hurt feelings, sadness and getting back on one’s feet. Soulful Indie Pop, atmospheric piano ballads and electrifying rap vocals define different chapters of a story that are coherent in content but not in sound.
5/10 Mangoes

rooms – don’t be yourself

(Album | 11/12/2022 | No SUN Recordings)
One may have heard that to ‚be yourself is all that you can do‘ or that one should be oneself because everyone else is taken. One might also have heard of a Vancouver-based Indie Rock and Sadcore band called I Make Earthquakes who is now called rooms. For 36 minutes and on a dozen of new tracks, rooms create a BSÍ-like sonic mist made from Shoegaze, melancholia, Indie Rock, and the urge of being someone – but maybe not oneself.
7/10 Mangoes

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