Six very short reviews.

The Cake is a Lie – Fado

(EP | 16/12/2022 | Independent)
No, this is not a disappointing spin-off from „Is it Cake?“ but it is quite as dark. The Cake is a Lie from Middle Franconian Nuremberg drown their audience in a 25-minute flood of the darkest (Post) Hardcore sounds. „Fado“ is highly atmospheric, raw as a jewel and ice cold.
7/10 Mangoes

jeffk – TAR

(Album | 20/01/2023 | Golden Antenna Records)
On their sophomore longplayer, Leipzig’s trio jeffk brings their atmospheric Post Rock to a whole new dystopian level. Reflecting their surrounding, jeffk mirror aggression, desolation and the longing for peace in their sounds. If you are ready to let go, you can follow this sonic vortex to ingraspable depths.
8/10 Mangoes

Sleeping Woods – Shibboleth

(EP | 28/10/2022 | Tangrami Records)
Sleeping Woods is a group of young musicians from Essen that has succesfully stood out of the crowd of numerous Indie and Shoegaze bands of current days. Founded in 2014, the constant development has reached its next milestone with the EP „Shibboleth“ The great arc of suspense climaxes with the solid banger ‚Tedium on Steroids‘, and over all it will convince Indie fans of many styles.
7/10 Mangoes

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Ingravity – Move it up

(Single | 06/12/2022 | Andromeda Records)
Have you ever wondered what happened to danceable and party-ready Funk and Soul? Well, here you go, Berlin’s Ingravity play the funky and soulful party banger we all needed. This is song is ool enough to freeze your drink.
6/10 Mangoes

The Trouble Notes – Never Dream Alone

(Single | 16/12/2022 | Foxy Records)
Berlin’s creators of Folk and Fantasy The Trouble Notes provide us with a song for the dreamers and the passionate ones. ‚Never dream alone‘ taste of sea salt and wanderlust. Between the verses and soli, repetition is strong, but an active dancing foot will not be bothered by that.
5/10 Mangoes

Tiger Tiger – Conversations Pt. 1 feat. Madanii

(Single | 20/01/2023 | Inselgruppe)
Imagine a dark and smokey dungeon club that gives you a dizzy feeling even when coming here sober. Exploring this exciting space you discover something extremely bright shining from a distant corner. Once you approach it, it sucks you into its vortex of Dark Pop, psychedelic dreams and deep joy – that is ‚Conversations Pt. 1‘ by Tiger Tiger and Madanii.
5/10 Mangoes

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