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Darrian Gerrard – Basement Stadium

(EP | 10/02/2023 | Independent)
On her debut EP, Darrian Gerrard from British Columbia invites us to her ‚Basement Stadium‘. The five-track EP is an empowering soundtrack for becoming oneself, coming of age, and leaving the masses. Darrian Gerrard presents this narrative on Alternative Rock and Pop Punk, and she does not shy away from implementing electronic sounds to add atmosphere to her music.
7/10 Mangoes

Jane Doe – Bullseye

(Single | 30/11/2022 | Jane Doe Music Inc.)
You may smile or not, you may wear a band shirt of an artist you can name three songs from or not, you can adapt your outer appearance to certain or leave it – but whatever you do, there will always be that one annoying dude* telling you why your look is wrong. Jane Doe from LA present an angry song carried by a rattling beat that deals with these guys. Remember there is nothing wrong about what you look like.
8/10 Mangoes

Sara Dishart and Filthy Rich – Letter to Rajani

(Single | 24/01/2023 | Independent)
This song was inspired by women all over the world fighting for their rights. Without sliding into whataboutisms, the Ontarian duo dedicates this tune to the non-male people’s struggles in oppressive systems. Thus, this New Wave hymn is an empowering reminder that we shall not stop fighting the oppressors – no matter if their name is Taliban, Hamas or Alt-Right.
7/10 Mangoes

Another Gay Thursday – D is for Daddy

(Single | 21/01/2023 | Independent)
Let’s face it, Punk Rock and its boppy sibling Pop Punk have some serious issues to get rid of: too male, too hetero, too cis, to name a few. Good thing, Berlin’s Another Gay Thursday are here to grab the genre by the scruff and shake it around. By the way, they also redefine the alphabet since now, ‚D is for Daddy‘.
7/10 Mangoes

Ann’so M – La Nuit

(Single | 20/01/2023 | EM Prod)
French duo Ann’so M invites us to a thrilling exploration of the most mysterious of all times: nighttime! As the light fades, moon and stars take over the sky and an ingraspable magic enchants the air. The two artists from Boulogne Billancourt impressively set the images of nocturnal beauty to music via tense electronic sounds, thrilling guitar riffs and voluminous vocals.
7/10 Mangoes

Memory Celle – Sing!

(EP | 09/01/2023 | Independent)
On first impression, one might expect a kind of shoegazy Folk Rock release, but Memory Celle quickly shows that she shall not be underestimated. Complex rhythms and a firmly resolved attitude carry the LoFi Folk tunes forward as the artist from Connecticut utters empowerment and warning shots. The EP’s second half may be a little weaker, yet the feminist and anti-sexist Art Rock message is loud and clear.
6/10 Mangoes

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