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Exxasens – Le-Voyage

(Album | 09/09/2022 | Exxarecords/AloudMusic/dunk!records)
„Le-Voyage“ is the seventh journey that has been undertaken by the band from Barcelona in order to explore their own fantastic universe. Exxasens allow their audience to dive into a dimension that is far from human perception. Powered by a sound that can be located between Post, Prog and Space Rock, the crew from Spain leaves the soil and heads towards distant stars.
8/10 Mangoes

A Reason To Travel – Concrete Sunrise

(Album | 03/02/2023 | Independent)
The world that the new album by Danish A Reason To Travel sends us to seems very familiar to our own. Not only does the artist from Copenhagen pick up the story line from previous album „Kingdom“, also the abandoned and ruined former great city that the album is set in could very likely be on our planet, too. Atmospheric drones and monolithic Post Metal themes tell of the ruins of a once great civilization, and of the life that takes places under the rubble.
8/10 Mangoes

Procrastinatrix – Holding Pattern

(Album | 18/01/2023 | Not the Final Vinyl)
Equipped with an Elektron Model: Samples sampler, a Behringer Crave Synthesiser and Ableton, Swansea’s Procrastinatrix dove into a two-week session of escapism. The result is a fifty-minute presentation of Ambient, Glitch and dizzy soundscapes. Open your ears and get ready to taste the emotions of this album.
6/10 Mangoes

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WuW – L’Orchaostre

(Album | 03/02/2023 | Pelagic Records)
Benjamin and Guillaume Colin from Paris present an opulent album consisting of five acts. With Drone, Post Rock and Doom on the one side, Jazz and Classic on the other, a massive tension defines the sound of „L’Orchaostre“. Destruction, emptiness and genesis are extremely close to each other on this monolith of an album.
9/10 Mangoes

Gravitsapa – Concert No. 1 ‚23.23‘ (For Chamber Duo with Looper and Polivox

(Album | 22/02/2023 | Independent)
A year and a day after fascist Russia has began its invasion of Ukraine, Gravitsapa from Lviv have released this live album. The avant-gardist and minimalist composition of noises, glitches and sounds is not about the war, and yet it cannot be denied that the attack of the Z-orcs has had its impact on it. It is a dark and yet meditative release, only suitable for certain moments.
6/10 Mangoes

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