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Snow Trail – Abandoned Capsule

Album | 26/04/2024 | It’s Eleven Records
32:42 | 10 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Post Punk / New Wave
Jena, Germany

Snow Trail Promo Picture by Daniel Pelz
Snow Trail Promo Picture 2 by Daniel Pelz
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Concrete and Crises

In Europe, and in Eastern Europe especially, the years and decades after WWII were coined by a construction boom. Humongous residential blocks were built everywhere to host the population within their bare concrete shells. Until today, those buildings spread melancholy and tristesse on theone hand, but they are loved for nostalgics and artists on the other hand. The concrete jungle has become an ecosystem for arts and desolation. Snow Trail from Thuringian university town Jena have set the plot of their debut album in this sphere. The district of Jena-Lobeda stands for every residential block paradgimatically here, when Ace, Pascal, and Padraig Silenos tell their tales of restlessness, melancholia, and sleeplessness. Another crisis ingredient that coined the soundscape on the debut album Abandoned Caspule is the COVID 19 pandemic during which majority of the songs were written.

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Stoic Waves

When it comes to music, Snow Trail predominantly present a chill sound composed of Post Punk, New Wave, and the atmosphere of Soviet Rock. But there is another component, and probably it is the most striking one. Snow Trail abstain from great ornamentations or musical excursions into far spheres. Instead, the trio performs their ten gloomy tails in a strictly focused and minimalist manner. And by stoically following the dark trails of their songs, Snow Trail create solid guiding lines through the thick mist of melancholia and uncertainty.
9/10 Mangoes


Recorded by Snow Trail and Veit Mernitz
Mixed and Mastered by Falk Andreas at Blank Room Audio Wittenberg
Additional saxophone performed by Hannes Höfer
Artwork & Design by Benedikt Demmer (Druckwelle Design)

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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