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Yoke – Yeah

EP | 10/11/2023 | Independent
15:06 | 4 tracks | Seed Paper/Digital
Psychedelic Pop / Post Punk
Cambridge, England

Planting the Seeds for a Revolution

Subculture and counter culture have always been struggling against the spiral of usurpation by pop culture. Early-day Punk Rock bands suddenly found themselves as a part of the music business when they had released their first records, or the fashion of subcultural movements has always been an interesting catch for couturiers. As sad as it sounds, it is this spiral movement that had produced innovative ideas and niches for subcultural scenes since the beginning of time. And here we are with another great idea that has not been usurped by popular culture, yet: an EP on seed paper.

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For the Crows

Technically speaking, the seed paper version does not contain any music even though it looks like a 3,5“ vinyl record. But the paper which contains either wild flower or tomato seeds comes in a cute tiny paper sleeve with a bandcamp code. A manual including a YouTube video on how to grow the seeds can be found on the band’s homepage and on their bandcamp page.

The music on Yeah is a diverting mix of uplifting and emotional sounds. Yeah begins with the eponymous Garage Rock banger before the soundscape becomes more psychedelic, shoegazy, and melancholic. On the final track Tortoise, Yoke combine the different sonic spheres and thus provide a great finale for this very sympathetic release.
7/10 Mangoes

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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