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Sparks – Kimono My House

Album | 01/05/1974 | Island Records
47:22 | Vinyl
Art Rock / Glam Rock
London, England

Moving to the Island

Originally, the band around Californian brothers Ron and Russell Mael was called Halfnelson. Anyways, after changing their name to Sparks in 1971, the original name was kept alive in the debut album’s title. Only a year later, Sparks released their sophomore longplayer A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothing with which they went on tour in the United Kingdom. This did not remain without consequences. In the UK, Sparks were celebrated by audience, press, and music industry players. And following an offer, they changed their home base and moved to London. Furthermore, they signed a deal with Island Records, and thus left Albert Grossman’s Bearsville Records where the first two albums got published. It was hence a translocation to (the) island in a two-fold way.

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Sophisto Glamour Punk

On their third album, Sparks presented a sound that combined the early phases of several movements. Their sound was very theatralic, yet dynamic, it was glam but still tough. Traces of Proto Punk in the veins of New York Dolls can be spotted right next to references to Stadium Rock or Prog. And finally, Kimono My House is defined by a sound that has combines both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean. American-style rock music meets the late branches of Beat and Mod.

Kimono My House is a highly diverting album, a beautiful document of the early 70s, of Sparks‚ pre-Synth Pop phase, and in every case a collection of moving songs. Sparks add wit and fun to demanding song stuctures, and thus draw a bridge from Glam to Punk and from Art Rock to Hard Rock.
8/10 Mangoes

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