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Eruption Artistique – So Strange

May 04, 2023Independent
Single | Digital05:25
Psychedelic Shoegaze / Art RockRotterdam, Netherlands

Demons return

Not only have Eruption Artistique been featured on MangoWave Magazine before (click here to find more), they were furthermore the first artist to ever receive the rating of 10/10 Mangoes. Now, for those who have not heard of the group from Rotterdam before, the most important thing about Eruption Artistique is that they are not a band. Eruption Artistique are a collective of artists, including actors, prop masters, photographers, film makers, and musicians. Together, they create multisensory art that combines sound and vision in a melancholic, artistic and multidimensional way.

Their latest output is the musical cinema noir performance called So strange. It is a story that many of us will know. So strange deals with a lovestory that is about to reach its final chapter while simultaneously a new tale is about to commence. And here it goes, the good old cocktail of emotions: insecurity, pure joy, fear, and confusion. Enjoy!

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Layer by layer: pure art

The music video for So strange is an overwhelming piece of art itself, but let this one be praised by the real cineasts while this review shall focus on the music. Like light swell, the acoustic guitar builds a foundation that refers to staggering movement. Heavy and light simultaneously, thick Shoegaze mists cover the whole sonic scenery and thus dabble face and lungs like a gentle sea breeze. The psychedelic element of this mesmerizing tune comes predominantly from the vocals and their hazy movements. And finally, there is that saxophone that finally lets the cocktail of emotions slosh. When Eruption Artistique work on new projects they create masterpieces, and So strange is another perfect example of that.
10/10 Mangoes

Pictures by courtesy of Eruption Artistique

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