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AK Stella – Running with Ghosts

June 20, 2023Independent
Single | Digital02:53
Alternative Rock / Industrial RockLos Angeles, CA, USA

Venture and find Happiness

Sentient beings have dreams and visions. Often, we see barricades that keep us from fulfilling or approaching them. And it is not rare that these blockades can actually be easily overcome. All we need is some initial energy or someone who takes us by our hand and encourages us. Someone like AK Stella: the LA-based musician wants to empower her listeners to take those risks. Musically and lyrically, AK Stella spreads the positive message that progress is possible and that happiness can be attained.

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Breaking out of the Cocoon

In her latest single Running with Ghosts, AK Stella refers to a time that she spent alone with her thoughts and her life. Being isolated, quarantined, dealing with issues, quarrels and problems on several fronts, it felt like she was Running with Ghosts. Now, AK Stella is processing this period during which her own life turned into a horror film. Thus, the sounds are harsh and heavy. Dark and melancholic Alternative Rock is filled with by an electric storm of Industrial Rock flashlights. And in the end, Running with Ghosts is a heavily empowering track since its sound symbolises the act of breaking free, of tearing apart the thick clouds of darkness and reaching for the light.
8/10 Mangoes

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All pictures by courtesy of AK Stella
Running with Ghosts will be featured on the upcoming EP TERROR
Production: Aleksandr Nikolai and AK Stella

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