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The Beatersband – 52 Ways To Murder

October 06, 2023Independent
EP | CD/Digital09:31 | 4 tracks
Horror Punk

Bangers from four decades

52 Ways To Murder? If that sounds like advice literature, you forgot the opening line from The Misfits‚ song Saturday Night. And with this little introductory phrase, we are already amid the matter of the EP on hand. Italian Punk’n’Roll legends The Beatersband have released a four-track CD honouring one of the most influential bands in all Punk and Rock. Here are nine-and-a-half minutes of Misfits worshipping.

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Holistic and Minimalist

The Misfits discography is full of ups and downs, musical suicides and reincarnations. Fans and haters will agree that there are so many different Misfits phases, it is impossible to either love or hate all of them. The question which formation was the best of all time is still the reason for lethal bar brawls, and therefore, we shall not touch this issue.

The Beatersband on the other hand have found a great way to honour The Misfits. By simply picking four of their favourite Misfits tracks and recording amazing cover versions of them, they show us that the Horror Punk band is way more than their different phases. This is a tribute to the Misfits legacy. And thus, 52 Ways To Murder contains four tracks from four different decades.

Fitting the EP’s title, it is opened by a true to version of Saturday Night (Famous Monsters, 1999). After this atmospheric horror tune, The Beatersband invite us to a heavy moshpit on the track She (originally compiled on Legacy of Brutality, 1985). Next up, a rather new track, Nightmare on Elm Street (from the EP Friday the 13th, 2016) brings some Surf Punk and Freddie Krueger vibes. And last but not least, a real classic finalises the EP. With Some Kinda Hate (Static Age, 1978/1996), The Beatersband give all listeners the chance to sing along.

With its playtime of only nine-and-a-half minutes, 52 Ways To Murder is very short indeed. It is nevertheless a great CD for your car stereo or your party cave, and it will make Rock’n’Roll fans happy around the world.
6/10 Mangoes

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