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Glytsh – V.H.S.

May 04, 2023Glytsh Ctrl
Single | Digital02:20
Industrial / CrossoverLondon, England

This is the new Style!

Founded in English capital London in late 2021, Glytsh consists of Claire Genoud (guitars) from Switzerland and Jennifer Diehl (vocals) from France. On stage, the European Metal duo is accompanied by a drummer, but nevertheless Claire (stage name: Hella Sin) and Jennifer (stage name: Luna Blake) are the band, and they are here to give the Metal and Alternative scene a good shake, since there is still some baggage that needs to be shaken off. Subcultural spheres should be safe spaces for people who seek refuge from the overwhelming pressure of mainstream culture. And thus, subculture shall be welcoming and open to people of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. Hella Sin and Luna Blake have mad eit their mission to reestablish and to reinforce those safe spaces. We shall not let our areas of freedom be spoiled by those who oppress or marginalise others.

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Together with their guest musicians Rosalvo Melo on drums and Atlas van Deekziev who recorded additional bass lines, Glytsh present their latest single V.H.S. In this song, they provide some hot rehashes of vintage ideas, and JVC’s Video Home System (VHS) is none of them. Instead, V.H.S. stands for Vulgar Holy Spirit and it deals with the idea of resurrection. Some may refer to Israeli man Lazarus who was brought back to life by a carpenter, others may think of that carpenter from Bethlehem himself. Yet, in British Romanticism, there is a novel written by Mary Shelley which fits the theme of this song even better. Similar to the tale of Victor Frankenstein, V.H.S. is about resurrection. But Luna Blake and Hella Sin tell about the ressurection of a relationship.

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Screaming it back to Life

The style that Hella Sin (right) and Luna Blake (left) present this dark romantic tale is savage, loud, and absolutely thrilling. Elements of Industrial Metal, (Post) Hardcore and Alternative Metal are being stirred them up in a burning hot pot. The outcome is a highly versatile track that reaches from silken sounds to spikly raging noise explosions. Glytsh raise hell, and their latest single is a jackhammer of a dark song. And this is only the beginning, since they are about to release an EP later this year.
9/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Glytsh
All photos were taken by Ulrich von Trier
Glytsh will perform live at The Grace, Islington on Wednesday, 14th of June 2023

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