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The Midnight Vortex – Run

February 03, 2023Independent
Single | Digital03:05
Alternative Rock / Hard RockLondon, England

Let’s get out of here!

Life and all the little to big difficulties can be tough sometimes. And no matter how tough you are yourself, there are these moments when you need a time-out. This may be just a little pause and a bit of distance from strenuous things, or it can be a loud and effectful escape. Either way, we all know these situations in which you have to exit the building before everything collapses above your head. Here is a song about these moments, here are London’s The Midnight Vortex with their new single Run:

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A truly emancipating Sound

Breaking free often needs a battlecry or a loud bang that tears apart all the ties or breaks down the walls and obstacles. And that is exactly what The Midnight Vortex give us in Run. The song begins with a heavily stomping rhythm that may remind of AC/DC’s Back in Black before it turns into a 1990s-style high voltage Grunge and Alternative Rock banger – think of first-phase Hole or Soundgarden. High voltage may just the right term here as in the verses energy piles which then has to discharged. This happens in the chorus which shoots like a massive lightning bolt and thus has a really liberating and simultaneously emancipating effect. Whenever you overwhelmed with life and everyday’s weight, The Midnight VortexRun is a song that will help you shake off the negative energy.
7/10 Mangoes


All band photos were taken by Emma Wurfel
Run was written and performed by The Midnight Vortex at Super Symmetry Studios, London,
engineered, mixed and produced by William Robertson.
Additional recordings at Secret Studios, North London,
engineered by Bri Macanas
Mastered by Pete Maher
Artwork by Bri Macanas

The Midnight Vortex

Bri Macanas – vocals and percussions
Mouad Qach – guitar and backing vocals
Robin Thunders – guitar
Danny Sands – bass and backing vocals
Leo Kuma – drums and backing vocals

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