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This year, Violence in the Veins celebrates ten years of supporting independent heavy music. The label from Cantabrian town Santoña has been featured in a MangoWave special before: click here to read the article from 2021, and here we are with another great feature and six Violence in the Veins releases!

Lust – Invictvs

Hardcore Punk / Blackened Hardcore
Madrid, Spain

On nine tracks, the quintet from the Spanish capital redefines the boundaries between Hardcore Punk, Metalcore and Extreme Metal. The result is a brutal but controlled barrage of blows and shots in all directions. Lust are far away from the blunt violence of many New England Hard- and Metalcore bands. Instead, the Madrilenian five-piece presents twenty-two minutes of honest and merciless antifascist martial art.
7/10 Mangoes

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Rebel Souls – Dawn of Depravity

Blackened Death Metal / Extreme Metal
Málaga, Spain

The quartet from Andalucía has originally named themselves after a Damnation cover, and on their latest album they cover that eponymous song. But there is much more to the new longplayer than just a journey to the band’s own origins. Furthermore, the Málagan band explores the deep and dark chasms of human action and of the darkness that has always been a steady to companion to the history of humankind.
6/10 Mangoes

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Nothingness – The Hollow Gaze of Death

Blackened Death Metal / Doom Death Metal
Minneapolis, MN, USA
23/08/2019 | 21/03/2023

Nothingness‚ debut album The Hollow Gaze of Death was originally self-released in 2019 and has now been reissued by Violence in the Veins. On seven tracks, the Minnesotan quartet raises doom and hell in all of its possible forms. Fountains of blood are spewn out of an infernal abyss before they freeze and fall to the ground in the form of lethal icicles. Meanwhile the skies change from endless blackness and eternal fires of seven hells. Cauldronous Death Metal, as the band calls it, is not for the faint-hearted.
6/10 Mangoes

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Ajeeb – Refractions

Post Grunge / Noise Rock
Lanzarote, Spain

In a news post from April 01, 2023, Ajeeb’s Refractions was reviewed as follows:

Ajeeb provide their audience with an album as versatile as the landscape of the island the trio is based on. Alternative and Grunge Rock refreshing as sea breezes meets Desert Rock as dusty as sand and Noise Rock heavy as gigantic boulders. Seattle meets Eternal Spring.

Without doubt, the longplayer brings soulful sounds together with heavy noises and therefore covers a wide sonic spectrum.
7/10 Mangoes

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Choir – Songs for a tarnished World

Funeral Doom / Cavernous Death Metal

The title of Choir’s album is actually an understatement since the world described on this 45-minute release is a lost one. What can be heard here is the last chapter of the apocalypse, the terminal charge of the army of the dead, the final collapse of the universe, the story to end all stories. Throw away your Doomsday Blockbuster collection and enjoy the destructive force of this amazing Doom Metal album.
8/10 Mangoes

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Muerto en Vida – El Pacto

Death Thrash Metal / Sludgecore
Jódar, Spain

El Pacto is defined by a savage thunderstorm in which Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Sludge and Hardcore merge. Somewhere in the eye of this storm, Andalucían band Muerto en Vida pulls the strings and navigates lethal blows. On eight tracks, Muerto en Vida present a heavily stomping, brutal and merciless attack. This sound was made for breaking stuff and riding on the fast lane.
6/10 Mangoes

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Thanks to Violence in the Veins for putting the pain into Spain!

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