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Luke Tangerine feat. Carlos Ucedda – You Spin Me (Like A Record) (Dead or Alive Cover)

Single | 09/02/2024 | Independent
2:54 | Digital
Retrowave / New Wave
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Return of the Dynamic Duo

They did it before, and hopefully they will do it again. Luke Tangerine from Frankfurt am Main and Carlos Ucedda from Granada have teamed up another time. Recently, they have complemented each other’s skills and talents when they released the single I adore you. This time, the two artists from Germany and Spain undertake an even deeper dive into the Golden Age of Synth Pop. By using wit, delicacy, and sensuality, they have re-designed the evergreen You Spin Me (Like A Record) by Dead or Alive, originally released in 1984.

Releasing a cover version of such a great and famous tune can be deceitful since alomst everybody will immediately compare the new song to the original. But Luke Tangerine and Carlos Ucedda easily master this task, and they present a holistic re-invention of the classic. Staying true to the original on the one hand, and providing it with a modern twist, they serve past, present and future simultaneously.

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This powerful hommage to a song from 1984 is furthermore the ideal chance to introduce the new Backlight series which will commence next week.
Every other Wednesday, an album released in 2004 will be reviewed.
In the weeks between, releases from 1974, 1984, 1994, and 2014 will be reviewed.
The series will begin with the album Medúlla (2004 | One Little Indian Records) by Björk

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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