alt="starfish64 - Yesterday's Favourite Smile (2023, 51st WHL) COVER"Painting: Arty Ficially Concept and Design: Henrik Kropp and Dieter Hoffmann

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starfish64 – Yesterday’s Favourite Smile (2023)

May 02, 202351st WHL
Single | Digital05:00
Progressive Pop / Dream RockGießen, German

Reversing Time

On June 11, 2018, Hessian Prog band starfish64 released their album The Future in Reverse. The five-track longplayer is a beautiful display of emotional sounds which were born somewhere in the perimetre between 1960s Psych, 1970s Prog Rock, and 1980s Dream Pop. That album was opened by the song Yesterday’s Favourite Smile, a song that became super famous amongst starfish64 fans – maybe even their secret hit. Since then, two albums, The Crimson Cabinet in 2020, and Scattered Pieces of Blue in 2022, followed. But in early 2023, starfish64 founder Dieter Hoffmann began to re-work the band’s catalogue by merging the original tracks A Closer Look and Travel Light. And now in May 2023, starfish64 have released a very special gem for their fans: here is the revisited version of Yesterday’s Favourite Smile:

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Edged an brightened

Those who know the original will easily tell that the revisited song is a truly enforced, sharpened and improved version of the classic from 2018. Imagine looking at a photo that shows a beautiful memory, but since it was shot with a mediocre digital camera from the year 2003, it is all grainy and blurry. This where starfish64 apply a set of filters and suddenly, the photo appears high definition, sharp resolution and with great depth of field. And this is where nostalgia comes to life which is exactly what starfish64 did here: they took one of their greatest songs and did not only revisit but also revive it.
7/10 Mangoes

Photos by courtesy of starfish64
Cover artwork: Painting by Arty Ficially | Concept and Design by Henrik Kropp and Dieter Hoffmann

Line Up

Dieter Hoffmann – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Martin Pownall – Bass, Solo-Guitar, Backing Vocals
Dominik Suhl – Guitar
Henrik Kropp – Drums
Julie Pownall – Backing Vocals
Simon Triebel – Additional Keyboards and Guitar

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