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Everything but the Everything feat. Sophia Prise – Never Said

Picture Credit: Everything but the Everything

03:26 | Single | 07/10/2022
Digital | Independent
Post Punk / New Wave
Oakland, CA, USA

Californian musician Israel „Izzy the Gent“ Chavarin was bass player with bands such as Song of the SirenFake your own Death, or The Cons before he took a break from playing music. It was during this three-year hiatus, when Izzy decided to become a songwriter, and hence Everything but the Everything was born. On the old MangoWave page, Izzy’s music has been featured several times – click here to get to the archives. Now, with the new single ‚Never said‘, Everything but the Everything have their first appearance on the new MangoWave Magazine page.

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Significant features of Everything but the Everything’s sound are atmospheric, partially melancholic and yet dynamic moods that activate body and mind. These elements clash amidst a magical sphere where 1980s Post Punk meets 1990s Alternative Rock and New Wave. The new single ‚Never said‘ is a perfect example for how these different styles hold on to each other and form a powerful whirlwind of emotions and movement with their joined forces.

After previously released songs ‚Just‚ and ‚The Story‚, ‚Never said‘ features vocalist Sophia Prise whose voice is a perfect fit for Izzy’s sounds. Further musicians on this single are Rex Shelverton (producer) and Landon Cisneros (drums). Bass and guitar were recorded by Izzy the Gent himself.

The soundscape can be described as a multi-layer sonic reverie with harsh and cold Post Punk riffs in the background which grind on a chill New Wave canvas. The foreground is encirled by a dreamy Indie Rock and Shoegaze frame which adds extra motion to this sonic picture. In the centre of all this, there are the stunning Dream Pop and Post Punk vocals by Sophia Prise who may partially remind of late-90s star Sonique, and who absolutely controls this thrilling song. From the shaking „who-d’you-who-d’you-who-d’you-think-you-are“ shuffles to the sustained ethereal vocals, this is overwhelming! 9/10 Mangoes

Sassyhiya – Live at Paper Dress Vintage

Picture Credit: Sassyhiya | Photo: Jeff Pitcher

09:59 | Live EP | 04/11/2022
Digital | Independent
Indie Rock / Alternative Pop
London, England

Sassyhiya were formed by Helen Skinner (bass and vocals) and Kathy Wright (guitar and vocals). The couple from London has played with the LGBTQIA band Barry before they began writing songs as Sassyhiya. After some singles, the split EP „Pets at Home“ with Sharing is Caring, and the lockdown EP „gum demos„, Sassyhiya have become a band. The duo was joined by Neiloy Mokherjee on guitars and Pablo Paganotto on drums and vocals. In this line-up, they played a concert at Hackney’s Paper Dress Vintage on June 3rd, 2022. The gig got recorded and mixed, and has hence become the first Sassyhiya release as a quartet.

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The EP is opened by the Progressive Pop hymn ‚I had a thought‘. A massive bass line and stoic drum beat in the back leave plenty of space for the farraginous play of melodies in the foreground. Folky guitars and vocals dance around each other and form a colourful sonic bouquet. With ‚Puppet Museum‘, Sassyhiya present a dynami Indie Rock banger with a meditatively calm chorus, and ‚Thank you and goodbye‘ even intensifies the Indie and Post Punk element in the quartet’s music. Nevertheless, the band never gives up on their Pop appeal. Even the powerful Garage Rock and Power Pop anthem ‚You can give it (but you can’t take it)‘ could easily be played on public broadcast as well as in punk rock gym.

Sassyhiya play powerful music for those who need a strong shoulder to lean on to. Their music is empowering, positive, honest, and autochthonous. This EP may be short but it comes with attitude and strength. Pop for the people, power to the people, and Power Pop for all of us! 7/10 Mangoes

The Mountain King – Collateralus

Picture Credit: The Mountain King

68:59 | Album | 09/11/2022
Digital | Analog Scum Recordings
Drone / House / Post Punk
Mainz, Germany

Like SassyhiyaThe Mountain King’s line-up has recently grown, too. Long time a one-person band lead by Eric McQueen, the band now features new member Frank Grimbarth. Further parallels to Sassyhiya will be tough to find since the band from Mainz has set up its territory in the realms of Doom Metal, Drone, Noise and related genres. Nevertheless, experimental releases that go beyond these categories are not rare within the immense output by The Mountain King. Recently, the LoFi Pop album „Tsunami of Hope“ brought unique vibes, and the Electro Punk release „C.A.O.S.D.“ burned with the power of hundreds of molotov cockatils.

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The new album „Collateralus“ may remind of a Tool longplayer by the look at the cover artwork. But we all know how to deal with the look of a cover and the album that lies within. It is a majorly instrumental The Mountain King release if you omit the vocal samples. Music-wise, McQueen and Grimbarth have venture to do a giant split, and thus they combined musical that may appear incompatible to many listeners. On the one edge of this sonic universe, there are the harsh and melancholic sounds that were born from spheres such as Drone, Doom Metal and Post Punk. As the antagonist to this, The Mountain King implement dynamic House and upbeat Techno. At some spot these sounds meet and the form something like a supernova of music that is both motivating and relaxing.

„Collateralus“ is a collection of thoughts about society, politics, the future of planet Earth and humankind. The Mountain King share their thoughts on war and peace, on liberty and oppression, and on the fact that a revolution is needed – not only in Iran, Belarus, Turkmenistan, but globally.

Although the unorthodox mix of styles may appear uncommon at first, the music quickly finds its way and becomes a wake-up call. Between heavy guitar riffs, massive bass and synthetic drums, the call for a better future is omnipresent. 7/10 Mangoes

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