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Mainström – Eleven

Album | 20/04/2024 | 30 Kilo Fieber Records/Krachige Platten
30:40 | 10 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Skate Punk / Melodic Punk
Ludwigsburg, Germany

The Next 90s Revival

Previous Mango of the Week was already 90s-themed as it dealt with Skate Punk band The Plastic Smile, their 30th anniversary, and the nostalgic sounds on their latest album The Night Before We Left. Well, not only does this musical theme continue this week. We are furthermore staying within the same realms regarding several dimensions. Like The Plastic Smile, Mainström are also located in the South West German region of Swabia, and apparently the bands are even friends – or at least they play shows together. Therefore, brace yourselves for half an hour of high velocity Melodic Punk, here is Mainström’s second longplayer Eleven!

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Speed, Accuracy, and Empowerment

In the last fourteen years, Mainström have released two EPs, two longplayers, and played many shows alongside important protagonists of Pun Rock, Indie Rock and Hardcore. On their sophomore album Eleven, Mainström present themselves more confident and secure than ever before. Between high speed riffing, colourful melodic leads, and activating vocals, the band from Ludwigsburg delivers entertainment and joy for all minds and body parts. Eleven and its ten tracks are an ideal fit for long rides, for fun sessions at the skate park or the gym, for long nights at the bar, or for great moshpits.

Open Minds, Open Hearts

Due to the heavy and fast songs, Eleven is highly activating and empowering. Nevertheless, Mainström are not here to spread the word of deconstruction and demolotion. Instead, Eleven is a collection of messages for the people to open their hearts and minds for each other. In a world where negativity is spreading all around, Mainström are reaching their hands out, inviting people to join in, and to choose love not fear.

Probably, Mainström will still find it hard to evade comparisons with Dutch Punk Rock band Bambix. But it could be a lot worse than being mentioned in the same sentence as this great band, couldn’t it? Anyways, Eleven is the 90s Revival sound we needed, the Melodic Punk Rock album for your next party, and the soundtrack for your next skating session.
9/10 Mangoes

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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Angie – vocals and guitar
Kilian – guitar and backing vocals
Patrick – bass and backing vocals
Heiko – drums

Written and produced by Mainström
All music by Mainström
Bass on Trapped, Cage, Can’t Stop Hating, Biggest Cheater, and Between Worlds by Matthias Ganz
Engineered, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Heiko

Manufactured by Matter of Fact Vinyl Record Production, Güstrow, 2024

Cover Artwork by Christina Mäckelburg

Promo materials by courtesy of 30 Kilo Fieber Records

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