alt="In Theaters Friday - Punk Rock (2022, unsigned) PROMO PICTURE"Photo by Sean The Irishman

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alt="In Theaters Friday - Punk Rock (2022, unsigned) PROMO PICTURE"
Photo by Sean The Irishman

In Theaters Friday – Punk Song
Release Date: December 02, 2022
Label: Independent
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 01:50
Genre: Pop Punk / Skate Punk
Origin: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Sin City Rebels

Some people argue whether God and Satan were real threats or just fairytales. Others know that the two have been sitting at a roulette wheel somewhere in Las Vegas for at least six decades. Amongst those who might have seen Jehova and Beelzebub gambling there are Nate Morgan, Joe Masters and Arnold Silva. At least the trio – better known as In Theaters Friday – has played plenty of shows in their home town, the most beautiful of all cesspools. After presenting their 2020 EP „Homemade Vaccine“, the three musicians gained more attention outside the desert metropolis. To celebrate the end of 2022, the two singles ‚Fan Boys‘ and ‚Punk Song‘ were released within short time.

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No Time to talk, get in the Moshpit

A heavily stomping Skate Punk riff leads into the song and immediately creates a savage moshpit. Not much time passes until In Theaters Friday reach the first chorus that calls for resistance and disobedience. A short second verse increaes the fun and the second chorus splashes into a short but powerful breakdown. ‚Punk Song‘ does not beat about the bush or make prisoners: this is a pure anti-oppression hymn for the dancefloors, for the streets, for the skate park. If you love West Coast Punk Rock like The Daves, you will adore In Theaters Friday.
7/10 Mangoes

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