alt="Lucas Lutter - Robin Hood (2022, unsigned) COVER"Picture Credit: Lucas Lutter

alt="Lucas Lutter - Robin Hood (2022, unsigned) COVER"
Picture Credit: Lucas Lutter

Lucas Lutter – Robin Hood
Release Date: November 25, 2022
Label: Independent
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 02:27
Genre: Indie Pop / Indie Folk

Lucas Lutter is a classic manifestation of an amateur musician on his way to success – an 18-year-old singer-songwriter conquering the domains of Indie Pop.

Try googling “indie/folk dude” and you are going to find a precise and accurate image of Lucas. In his social media, you’d see a young man wearing a fedora, proclaiming “good vibes only”, and playing an acoustic guitar. You can definitely tell that music was his passion all the way since childhood, as his DIY records are of impressive quality for such a young producer.

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On his way to releasing a full-length album in 2023, Lucas has presented a new song ‚Robin Hood‘ and it is dedicated to the moral metamorphoses of a person, who once aimed to fight corruption but lost on the way only to find himself corrupted, too. The message unfolds through the course of a simple acoustic track with clean young vocals, dramatic piano, and mandatory clapping. In the end, the author uses good old oohs and ahhs for enhanced artistic effect – and it actually works.

Lucas Lutter provides classic naive art for a certain audience, but that audience today is probably twice as old as he is. Still, his skill might reignite the fire that once burnt in the hearts of high schoolers of the last decade.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

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