alt="MZMRIZR - Runaway (2022, Electric Girl Records) COVER"Picture Credit: MZMRIZR

alt="MZMRIZR - Runaway (2022, Electric Girl Records) COVER"
Picture Credit: MZMRIZR

MZMRIZR – Runaway
Release Date: December 02, 2022
Label: Electric Girl Records
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 03:23
Genre: Gothic Rock / Alternative Rock
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rejoice, lifers and suicidals, MZMRIZR (for Mesmerizer – not to be confused with Mizmor) is here to entertain our sorry asses. Amen. An aspiring Gothic one-man act from Toronto has released its first single Runaway, and it’s pretty fucking good.

Released via Electric Girl Records, ‚Runaway‘ is proclaimed to be recorded “in a very dark place mentally and physically”, and it shows. A person wearing a balaclava staring from the black and white front cover of the single contributes to the feeling of depersonification and derealization.

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What awaits inside is a classic bleak Death Rock anthem, built around the classic formulas pioneered by Christian Death, Sisters of Mercy, and their more electronic counterparts like Cold Cave, Kvb, and The Cure.

‚Runaway‘ kicks off with a riff worthy of She Wants Revenge, meaning bumpy bass, slightly distorted guitars, and levitating eerie keyboards. The vocals are lifeless and tired, just like I love my women. When it comes the chorus, ‚Runaway‘ is repeated under heavy bubbling effects to maximize the Gothic dramatism.

What makes MZMRIZR so good is his genuine love for the simple yet catchy songs – and his undeniable skill in writing them. ‚Runaway‘ leaves me nothing but the urge for more bleak dance stuff to be sad to.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

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