Six very short reviews.

Kapa Tult – Menschen (denen es gut geht)

(Single | 27/01/2023 | Ladies & Ladys)
Last year, Leipzig’s Kapa Tult crashed into the Garage Rock and Indie scene with their first EP „Meinten Sie Katapult?“ (German: did you mean Catapult?). The new year begins with the first single off of their upcoming first album „Es schmeckt nicht“ (German: [I] do not like the taste). The almost easy-going party anthem deals with depression, pressure and going on with the same old same-old.
6/10 Mangoes

Lulu & die Einhornfarm – Ich bin eine Schlampe

(Single | 26/01/2023 | Bakraufarfita Records)
‚Ich bin ein Schlampe‘ (German: I am a Slut) is the lastest single release that teases the listerners for Lulu & die Einhormfarm’s new album „Alles klärchen Bärchen“, to be released on February 24th. The Garage Punk tune begins with a rather simple pattern but then suddenly turns into an elbow-swinging Punk Rock banger. It is a powerful track dealing with emancipation, empowerment, and the right to do what and whom you want.
7/10 Mangoes

Havemeyer – Swim

(Single | 24/01/2023 | Crazysane Records)
Havemeyer invite us to a dizzying dance in circles and loops. The new single ‚Swim‘ is a dynamic Indie and Post Punk ride in which Havemeyer concern the matter of overthinking. Atmospheric and yet energetic, melancholic and yet hopeful, the song raises the anticipation for the upcoming album „Slacker“ to be out on March 3rd.
8/10 Mangoes

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Rulaman – To Serve the Dune

(Album | 27/01/2023 | Tonzonen)
Stuttgart’s Rulaman hereby present their first full-length release on which they follow the path of their self-titled EP which was released in 2021. It is a sonic journey that embraces nature, the void and distant dimensions. Rulaman bring a fresh breeze into the spheres of Stoner, Psych and Space Rock.
7/10 Mangoes

Oceansides – Silver Lining

(Single | 27/01/2023 | Independent)
With their new single, Oceansides from Karlsruhe once more prove that Pop Punk can be heavy, too. In ‚Silver Lining‘, they let melodies hover above straight-forward mosh beats, and interfere with emotion-loaded Emocore passages. The song ends with an anthemic chorus.
6/10 Mangoes

Fluchtversuch – Dosenbier und Klassenkampf

(EP | 13/01/2023 | Independent)
The release’s title translates to „Canned Beer and Class Warfare“ and is thus a legit Punk Rock title. Fluchtversuch (German: Escape Attempt) dare the balancing act between serious issues and joyful lyrics. Thus, on the EP they address the difficulties of going shopping for drinks in Bavaria after 8pm alongside lyrics that deal with the inhumane conditions for refugees at the European borders.
6/10 Mangoes

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