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Bad Ass Beauty – Broken

April 21, 2023Independent
Single | Digital03:28
Alternative Rock / Heavy MetalLos Angeles, CA, USA

Broadening the Musical Mind

LA’s LaQuinta Prince is a skilled Soul and R’n’B vocalist and a Berklee College of Music alumna. Under the name of Bad Ass Beauty, Prince creates music that goes far beyond the realms of soulful Blues. Instead, Bad Ass Beauty stand for expressive, genre-bending and agitated sounds. Crossing borders with ease, LaQuinta Prince reaches put towards Rock and Metal without abandoning her musical roots in R’n’B, and thereby she creates a unique sound that is both powerful and soulful.

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Broken and resolute

Broken is an anti-love song in which LaQuinta Prince sums up all the negative experience she has made in numerous toxic relationships. It is thus a reckoning with ex partners who were abusive, controlling, manipulative, obsessive, or toxic in other ways. Furthermore, Broken is a self-declaration that screams Never again, for Prince and for everyone else who has been caught in a toxic relationship. It is thus a declaration of war to all those who think they can easily get away with manipulative or abusive behaviour – Bad Ass Beauty and her siblings in spirit will not take it anymore.

The musical realisation of this controlled emotional outburst is rooted in sonorous Rhythm and Blues. Nevertheless, the parts of the song that take the focus of the attention combine heavily rolling Thrash and Heavy Metal in the veins of 1980s Metallica with the gloomy melancholy of 1990s Alternative Rock. The result is a blast and a legit banger.
9/10 Mangoes

All Pictures by courtesy of Bad Ass Beauty

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