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Metallurg – Metal is forged here Vol. II

February 13, 2023Metallurg
Compilation | CD/Download77:43 | 17 tracks

World Music Metal

In February 2022, Ukrainian-Polish label Metallurg celebrated their 13th anniversary, and thus a compilation featuring sixteen tracks of different Metal genres was released. The compilation contained Metal from the USA, the UK, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Brazil and Austria. Metal is forged here was featured on the old MangoWave page. A year later, Metallurg is turning 14 years, and thus, here we are with Metal is forged here Vol. II – another compilation showing that Metal is versatile in style, origin, and orientation, but united in… well, Metal.

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Hell:oN – My Testament

Ukraine – Death Metal
An English version Taras Shevchenko’s poem Заповіт from 1845

Vice – Vultures

United Kingdom – Thrash Metal
A song about those who take advantage from others‘ weaknesses

Eldprov – Until Nightfall

Sweden – Melodic Death Metal
This song was originally written in 1997, and it has slept in a shelf for over twenty years to be heard now

Silent Obsession – Against the Process

Algeria – Technical Brutal Death Metal
Together with Lelahell vocalist Redouane Aouameur, Algerian Silent Obsession present a legit brutal killer of a track

Iron Wings – Virus

Latvia – Heavy / Thrash Metal
This song was inspired by the Corona pandemic and it deals with oppressive regimes taking advantage of the situation

Bad As – Crucified Society

Italy – Hard Rock / Power Metal
In a world full of zombies and opionless mutes, the oppressors can rule with ease

Mental Torment – Untitled

Ukraine – Death Doom Metal
As a part of a bigger journey on which a protagonist confronts his inner demons, this song is about them encountering anger

Midnite Hellion – Army of the Dead

USA – Heavy Metal
This Game of Thrones-inspired song deals with the White Walkers

Relentless Aggression – America Carnage

Norway – Old School Thrash Metal
Looking at the current situation in the United States of Americe, Relentless Aggression have produced this banger

Reap the Light – Deliver Hell

USA – Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Can you be more badass than the evil itself? This song may assist you trying.

Hate Beyond – Decomposed

Japan – Thrash Metal
Hate Beyond forge the Metal so hard it melts, so better wear some protection when playing this song

Fleshgore – Stop the Possessor

Ukraine – Death Metal
This song about the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014 was featured on Fleshgore’s 2016 album Denial of the Scriptures and it has sadly become topical again

Eternal Drak – The Eyeless Gleeth

Canada – Groove Thrash Black Metal
Stirring up genres and combining them to something new, Eternal Drak create a sound that does not need visuals

Enbor Arnasa – Minez Negar

Spain – Thrash / Death
Basque language and Death Metal may not be an everyday match but Enbor Arnasa show that the combination works

Outward – Rays of the Sun

Czechia – Blackened Post Metal
In this song, the search for happiness and the struggle against those who do not want you to be happy form the narrative

Threnody – Maggot Feast

USA – Old School Death Metal
Inspired by Terminal Park by Gary J Shirley, this may be the nastiest song by Threnody ever

Thy Despair – Falcon

Ukraine – Dark Metal
The falcon in this track stands for the people of Ukraine fighting for their independence in the 16th century

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