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Beatdenker – I Like It But I Do It

May 04, 2023Subwater Beats
Album | Digital20:57 | 1 track | 32 Beats
Postcontemporary Beats / Experimental ElectronicBerlin, Germany

Tao, Dada, and Hope

Berlin’s Beatdenker (German: Beat Thinker), part of Subwater Beats, is combining thoughts and ideas, merging noises, sounds and dreams, and consequently creating the playground for a fantastic journey. The 21-minute trip through realms beyond perception and consciousness shows the audience around to 32 worlds – each of them oddly familiar to the human mind. Thirty-two beats define this fantstic journey, and as different and unique as they are, in the end they form a solid unit. Traveling alongside dark spots and spooky sceneries, Beatdenker’s I Like It But I Do It follows a strong belief: a better future is possible, and it is worth fighting for.

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Positivity as Resistance

Stunning productions that surpass the boundaries of Glitch, Trip Hop, Dubstep or Electronica build a sonic utopia. Amongst the ingredients for this extravagant recipe, you can find Jazz and the will to survive as well as krauty psychedelia and a sober acknowledgement of contemporary darkness. It is here where Beatdenker makes hopeful soundscapes rise. Amidst this truly overwhelming sonic environment made from glitches, noises, dark emotions and hopeful thoughts, the will to fight for a better tomorrow is formed.

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Haha, Yippie!

Another three dimensions are added to this impressive work by the music video. With some help of artificial intelligence, Beatdenker has produced the visuals for I Like It But I Do It. Thus, the holistic and positive message can be perceived with all senses.
7/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Beatdenker
Picture credits: Blas Lamazares Frail, David Campesino, and Sanni Lötzsch

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