alt="Paulinchen Brennt - Mache (2023, Krakenduft Records) COVER"Artwork by C. Ochs / Ochsworks
November 10, 2023Krakenduft Records
Album | Vinyl/Digital24:16 | 8 tracks
Post Hardcore / Mathcore
Noise / Screamo
Leipzig / Nuremberg / Schweinfurt

Ten years have passed since Paulinchen Brennt were formed in Würzburg. Now in the year of their great anniversary, the trio has released their first 12“ vinyl Mache. The time between the original founding and this release was coined by many gigs and few releases. In 2018, the single Wie Salz / Souzeraine was Paulinchen Brennt’s first vinyl release, and also their first appearance on MangoWaveclick here to read the review. The debut album Viele werden satt though was published on CD two years earlier. And with Mache being released now, a full circle has been completed. The song Michael Pooter from the 2016 release has been re-arranged, re-recorded, and revitalised under the name Pooter for Mache.

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Mache is a loud album. But Paulinchen Brennt do not stubbornly hammer and thrash forward. Instead their blows and hits are perfectly timed and aimed. Over the past ten years, the band has successfully developed their very own sound which merges and re-thinks concepts like Mathcore, (Post) Hardcore, Screamo or Noise. Further ingredients to the sonic cocktail of Paulinchen Brennt are criticism of late capitalism, vitality as a form of resistance, and the joy of creating unexpected twists. The latter include surprising harsh breaks as well as atmospheric parts like in Shinoda, or glitchy noises as in Caprona.

alt="Paulinchen Brennt - Mache (2023, Krakenduft Records) PROMO PICTURE"
Photo Credit: Max Duffner

Paulinchen Brennt bluster and shout against the unfeelingness of our modern world. The eight tracks on Mache combine anger and consternation with an immortal will to continue fighting. From melancholia to rage, and from desolation to the compulsion to move, Mache covers a holistic view on modern society. This a beast of an album – not made for the masses, but a gem for those who know to appreciate it.
8/10 Mangoes
listening recommendations: Shinoda, Pooter

Promo material by courtesy of Noisolution
Richard Seifahrt – drums
Christian Örtel – guitar and effects
Daniel Schmitt – bass and vocals
Recording, production and mix: Thies Neu at Tonbrauerei Berlin
Master: Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering Hamburg
Executive Producer: Jarii van Gohl
Artwork: C. Ochs / Ochsworks
Voice-Acting: Julia Müller (Travis), Vincent Tomas Rohr (Norman and Hauser)

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